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This rich bouquet of reminiscences, of almost six decades of life in law, straddling various periods and persons. (Dr.) Balram Gupta revisits here many foregotten legends, events, and unfoldment of law. The overlap between 'legal' and 'judicial' education is well archived and invites further refection and research. Stories about courtroom architecture stand juxtaposed with 'humour in the robes' and nuggets of mediation on 'judicial review and the constitution'. We are here given a glimpse in the virtues of continuity, which Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes reiterated as not just a necessity but as a duty to the past. We are duly reminded of great personages on the Bench and the Bar (Justice R.S. Sarkaria and Kanhaiya Lal Misra, respectively) as well as reintroduced to some contemporary legends in law. Affectionate tribute to past students is a hallmark of a good teacher (as the tribute to Sushma Swaraj shows).

Unlike the great philosopher and psychanalyst of our times Jacques Lacan, Dr. Gupta does not believe that the author owes an ethical obligation to be difficult. Written in Biblical style (usually attributed in law to Lord Denning), the author elegantly conveys arenas of law and life,what many difficult tomes in law struggle to communicate! Here presented are an embarrassment de riches' with a light and deft touch, animated by profound meaning for future history of Indian law and jurisprudence which hold the promise of further democratizing democracy.

Udendra Baxi

Professor Emeritus