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The A-Z of Law Books

Law and Justice are two interdependent terms - thoroughly intertwined. Their intertwinement constitutes their meaning. Treating one of them in isolation from the other impairs the meaning of both.

The mere mention of the term “law” takes us on a journey to the world of law literature. And the one name in this world that immediately allures one’s attention is Law & Justice Publishing Co. - part of the highly recognised Universal Law Group with six-and-a half decades of dominant presence in the law publishing world. “Law & Justice Publishing Co.” brings an innovative approach and fresh ideas to legal publishing. The Company established very recently in 2020, whose roots go back to 1954. (more than 66 years back).

With publications ranging from biographies by eminent legal personalities, books by legal luminaries, Indian reprints of foreign legal classics to Books for Competitive Examinations, Law & Justice Publishing Co has become a highly renowned name amidst the Indian legal fraternity. Besides, the Publishing House specialises in the most authentic Bare Acts in the market. Perfection and editorial excellence is exhibited in each of our works.

The Universal Group witnessed nascence in the year 1957 with the establishment of a law book store in the heart of Delhi - Universal Book Traders - and then ventured into the publishing business under the name Universal Law Publishing Co Pvt. Ltd. - a name which soon became synonymous with the leading Law Publishing Corporates in Asia, and in the year 2015 the copyrights of Universal Law Publishing Co Pvt. Ltd were acquired by the world known highly respected and leading publishers “Lexis Nexis Group”. And now with the three generations working together to serve the legal fraternity, came up with another venture – Law & Justice Publishing Co.

A team of dedicated professionals marks the manpower strength of Law & Justice Publishing Co. Our clients range from Government Departments, Ministries, the Supreme Court, High Courts, Judges, advocates, and other legal professionals to universities, law colleges, law students, law libraries, other institutions, and chartered accountants from across the country.

Through our concerted efforts, we strive constantly to exceed the editorial excellence and as publishers, we take great pride in being innovative and progressive. Our aim is to produce exceptional quality books at affordable prices, while maintaining the highest standard of excellence. We are proud of our reputation for excellence, and dedicated to maintaining these standards with respect to our present and future products and services. The publishing house has always kept pace with the latest IT trends. So, no matter where you are, you can browse through the vide range of law books online at our website –